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Patrick Kelley

In Patrick E. Kelley’s estimation, firearms are feats of mechanical beauty.

We’d have to agree.

Savage is proud to announce the ever-optimistic USPSA Master Competitive shooter as an official brand ambassador. "The King of Heavy Metal," as he's been called in competitive shooting circles, is returning from hiatus and with a purpose: show the world what a better shooting experience looks like with the launch of the highly-anticipated Savage MSR 10 Long Range rifle.

“They are fascinating pieces of equipment. Whether they load themselves or not, bolt action or not…the fact you’re containing up to 50,000 lbs./sq. in. of pressure so close to your face.”

Given Kelley’s extensive knowledge and industry expertise, he knows what works in a firearm and what doesn’t.

In addition to being a multi-talented Master 3-Gun competitive shooter in multiple divisions, Patrick’s extensive background in the endless pursuit of mechanical perfection makes him a perfect fit for Savage. “Savage recognized that skillset in me and is making use of it by helping them improve some of their early design prototypes and engineering samples. Savage has a whole different attitude. I discovered that they were not just open to my ideas, they welcomed them," said Patrick.

“I’ve been competing in various shooting disciplines for 30 years, but I’m always looking for the next challenge.”

Patrick begins his return at the USPSA 2017 Multi-Gun Nationals at the Pro Gun Club in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13th, 2017 beginning at 1:00pm PDT. With Patrick's reputation for quality and precision and our commitment to innovation, this partnership will be a winning combination. We're excited.