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  • The Fox A Grade

    The frenzy of a driven pheasant shoot. The silence of pointers locked up on a covey of quail. The whistling of mallard wings slipping into the flooded timber. Hunts this timeless deserve a classic shotgun: the new Fox A Grade, presented by Savage.

  • Steeped In History

    The iconic side-by-side is the newest member of the Fox family, which began in 1905, when Ansley Fox set out to create the finest gun in the world, and continued when the manufacturing was handed off to Savage Arms in 1929. It is a replica of the original Fox A grade sold by Savage that year, with additional features and components that ensure peak performance for today’s hunter. It handles gracefully, points naturally and hits hard, with the same style that has made all Fox shotguns the envy of collectors and serious shooters.

  • Modern Features In A Classic Shotgun

    The Chromox steel barrels topped with a solid game rib and brass bead sight are built for generations of hard use and elegant beauty that will last. Shooters can adapt the guns to any need thanks to modern interchangeable choke tubes precision-made by Connecticut Shotgun. From the factory, the right barrel is fitted with a skeet choke, with an improved cylinder in the left barrel. Modified, improved-modified and full chokes are also included.

  • Modern Features In A Classic Shotgun

    The Fox A Grade's sleek profile and graceful lines culminate in a splinter fore-end that provides a slim, comfortable grip, enhancing fit, feel and handling. The hammerless Anson Deeley-style box-lock action ensures instant, reliable ignition when shooters pull either of the crisp double triggers. Holland & Holland-style extractors make it easy to clear the barrels and reload, and the bone and charcoal case-colored receiver is both durable and striking.

  • Options To Fit Any Shooter

    Weighing between 6.6 and 7.12 pounds, depending on gauge and model, the Fox A Grade is light enough to carry all day in the field, yet heavy enough to swing through the target and absorb recoil. Each of the four side-by-sides in the series feature a beautifully checkered, oil finished, 3x grade American walnut stock, with a 14 ½-inch length of pull and 1 ½-inch drop at comb. Available in 12 and 20 gauge, with 26- or 28-inch barrels.


Wood and Steel Transformed

Check out the features and American craftsmanship that turn the Fox A Grade shotgun into a work of art.

Chromox Steel Barrels

Blued barrels with a solid game rib and brass bead sight; 26- or 28-inch lengths, depending on model.

Splinter Fore-End

Sleek splinter fore-end for an easy grasp and fast handling.

Box Lock Design

Hammerless Anson Deeley-style box lock action and Holland & Holland-style extractors.

Double Triggers

Double triggers perfectly set in a case-colored receiver allow the shooter to instantly select the barrel they want to fire.

American Black Walnut Stock

Oil-finished 3X grade walnut with 14 1/2-inch length of pull, 1 ½-inch drop at comb and precision-cut checkering.


"I had a Fox No. 12 shotgun: no better gun was ever made."

- Theodore Roosevelt

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