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Expert Advice

Hunting Tactics

Learn how the most successful hunters put more game in the freezer and trophies on the wall.

Special Order Toms

The Savage Model 212 and 220 bolt-action shotguns stand out in a world filled with cookie-cutter turkey guns. Built like a rifle, they offer precision and reliability unlike any other platform. But you won’t find them at your favorite retailer or even on this website—you can only get one after a quick call to the Savage Special Order Office.

Turkey Pattern Perfection

All too many hunters oversimplify patterning their turkey shotgun—if they bother to pattern it at all. Not Mike Stroff. The “Savage Outdoors” host goes to great lengths to choose a gun, optics, ammo and choke combination that provides the best, most consistent patterns. That way he’s ready the moment that big longbeard struts into range. Learn his secrets for achieving the best turkey gun performance possible.

Two-Tone Turkeys

In the turkey world, toms expect hens to come to them—not the other way around. So, pulling an old hook-spurred gobbler into range is all about creating the illusion that you’re a hen he simply can’t risk losing. And sometimes, the best way to do that is to sound like multiple hens. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff shows how he tag teams between a diaphragm call and a slate to produce two distinct sound signatures. Will he bring the big Rio into range?

Hog Hunting: Set Up A Feed Trough

In many areas, setting up an artificial food source is the only effective way to hunt extremely wary wild hogs. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how to create and hunt your feed sites to bring home the bacon.

Midsummer Scouting: Glass With A Red Dot

Glassing large destination food sources during midsummer is a great way to take inventory of what whitetail bucks are in the area. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff reveals how he uses a red dot optic with his spotting scope to quickly scan fields and focus his search for specific bucks.

Hog Hunting: Outsmart Feeder Beaters

Wild hogs are tough, big animals that take a toll on feeders—and they’ll ultimately use their size to topple them. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how to beat pigs at this game and keep them from cleaning out your feeders.

Hog Hunting: Pigs Under Pressure

Wild hogs are ruled by their appetite. To find them, you have to find the food. But Mike Stroff knows there’s much more to the equation—something most hunters overlook. The “Savage Outdoors” host shares the role hunting pressure plays in how pigs use food sources.

Midsummer Scouting: T-Post Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are invaluable scouting tools for deer and other game. But often the best places for a camera lack the proper tree. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” shares his simple method for setting up camera sites wherever he wants.

Midsummer Scouting: Rubs & Waterholes

Off-season scouting can reveal a lot about the biggest bucks in your area. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explain how to use last season’s buck sign and water holes to keep tabs on bucks during the warm summer months.

Midsummer Scouting: Binocular Bucks

When hunting, many of us—especially Easterners—tend to head afield with more compact, lightweight binoculars in the 8-power magnification range. But when scouting around large food plots in the off-season, “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff takes a different approach.

Antelope Guide: Smart Optics

Most Western hunts involve a lot of walking, which makes it critical for hunters to minimize the weight of their gear. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how he consolidates his optics to shed ounces during antelope hunts.

Antelope Guide: Caliber Choice

Hunters have a tendency to choose over-size cartridges when pursuing Western game—even thin-skinned antelope. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” describes why this is a mistake and reveals his top antelope cartridge.

Antelope Guide: Do Your Homework

For most hunters, an antelope tag is a rare treat. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff stresses the importance of pre-season homework to ensure his antelope hunts are a success.

Elk Guide: Dress The Part

Although rifles, calls and strategy get most hunters’ attention, proper clothing kills elk by letting you hunt hard and stay in the field in any conditions. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains each layer of his go-to elk apparel.

Elk Guide: Choose An Outfitter

An outfitted elk hunt is a dream for most hunters. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” describes the variety of criteria he uses when sorting through the many outfitter options before booking a hunt.

Pigeon Primer

If you’ve never thought of hunting pigeons, think again. You can find them in huge numbers almost everywhere, hunt them year-round and use them to sharpen your shooting skills for when gamebird seasons open in fall. Learn how to take full advantage of the species.

Bear Tactics: The Power Of Patience

When a promising bait site appears to suddenly go cold, it doesn’t mean the bears have left. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff examines this phenomenon and explains why a patient approach pays off.

Bear Tactics: Iron Sights

A quality scope is usually the best tool for hunters to place accurate, lethal shots. But not always. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff shares why bear hunting's unique demands often make iron sights a better sighting solution.

Planning A Hunt To Africa

Africa should be on the destination bucket list for any serious hunter. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff walks through the pre-hunt checklist he uses to ensure every trip to Africa is a good one.

Rattling Rutting Whitetails

Rattling can bring rutting whitetail bucks in on a string. Mike Stroff, host of “Savage Outdoors,” shares his two top tips for getting the most from this calling technique.

Late Season Whitetails: Follow The Food

Run down from the rigors of the rut, late-season whitetail bucks are slaves to their stomachs. “Savage Outdoors” host Mike Stroff explains how he uses food sources to find and kill bucks at the buzzer.