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Historical Services

We offer a research service on individual Savage, Stevens or A.H. Fox firearms for which pre December 1968 serial records are still available, or for general information on those that do not have serial records or for non serialized guns.

For J. Stevens Arms rifles, pistols and shotguns, serial number records are not available for exact dates of manufacture. For Stevens Single barrel shotguns, tip-up rifles and pistols, because so many were made of similar, but different designs, a clear photo will be required. Historical info for a particular model, along with the dates produced, can be furnished for a charge of $35.00 per gun.

For Savage Arms, pre December 1968, serial number records can be researched from the original company ledgers for rifles, pistols and shotguns that were serialized. The information will be furnished for Model 1895, 1899 and Model 99 rifles, semi automatic pistols and other pre December 1968 serialized guns, at a charge of $45.00 per gun. Information on other Savage non serialized firearms, or post December 1968 guns, will be furnished at $35.00 per gun.

A.H. Fox shotguns (not to be confused with the post WW II Savage designed Fox labeled doubles) can be researched from the original factory records at a charge of $55.00 per gun for graded doubles “A” through “F”, for single barrel trap guns and “SP/SPE” doubles. For Fox Sterlingworth doubles, the charge is $45.00 per gun.

If a model is not known, provide all markings from the firearm or include not more than 2 photos. Do not send photo CD’s. Info should include; serial number, caliber or gauge, barrel length and style (round, octagon etc.), stock and grip style and especially forend style, patent dates, inspectors stamps, etc.

If you are a collector and have several to research, please, do not request more than three guns to be searched at one time. When writing, please be sure your complete name and address is on your letter. Also include your phone number in case questions arise.

If you decide to make use of this service, please send your information and payment in the appropriate amount to Savage Arms Historical Services. Responses can take up to 8 weeks from the time we receive your inquiry and complete your research.

Thank you for your interest.

Savage Arms Historical Services
Address: 100 Springdale Road, Westfield, MA 01085
Phone: (413) 568-7001
Fax: (413) 562-7764